Dojo Flag, Ronin Judo Academy

Dojo Flag, Ronin Judo Academy
Showing our dojo roots.

Who, Where, and When Can you find us?

Welcome to the Merrick P.A.L. Judo website. It's under construction for now, but here's some info. For starters... The program is run by Sensei Rick Calabrese and we're located at:

Brookside Central Administration Building
1260 Meadowbrook Road, North Merrick

Directions: Southern State Parkway to Exit 23 South (Meadowbrook Road). Continue to Brookside School, which will be on the right hand side of Meadowbrook Road.
Our class schedule is Wednesday & Friday nights at 7:00pm in the wrestling room through the gym.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sam's First Judo Tournament

During last class, we were joined by the Baldwin PAL Judo club. We were able to practice randori (free style practice) with different kids and we were informed of a shiai (tournament) on Sunday, May 31, 2009 in Long Beach.

Well, on the day of the tournament, Sam and I were the only ones from our club to attend this small & friendly shiai with the exception of Sensei Cliff Wolff. This was unfortunate. Sam had two matches against a well-experienced orange belt, and at the end of the day, Sam took home a second place trophy. More important than the trophy, was the experience that Sam gained by attending a shiai. Good sportsmanship & competitiveness.
And remember two things:
Tournament experience is necessary for rank advancement and, it's not whether you win of lose, but how you play the game.

Great job, Sam.

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