Dojo Flag, Ronin Judo Academy

Dojo Flag, Ronin Judo Academy
Showing our dojo roots.

Who, Where, and When Can you find us?

Welcome to the Merrick P.A.L. Judo website. It's under construction for now, but here's some info. For starters... The program is run by Sensei Rick Calabrese and we're located at:

Brookside Central Administration Building
1260 Meadowbrook Road, North Merrick

Directions: Southern State Parkway to Exit 23 South (Meadowbrook Road). Continue to Brookside School, which will be on the right hand side of Meadowbrook Road.
Our class schedule is Wednesday & Friday nights at 7:00pm in the wrestling room through the gym.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Fall, 2011 Session & Tournament info

Welcome to the new Fall, 2011 Judo seesion has started, and as you can tell, we have a LOT of kids on the mat. If your child is new to the sport of Judo, there are several points to remember. Judo is contact sport. While Judo is source of exercise and self defense (different to karate) children can get hurt. Safety is paramount, so before any children are taught how to perform throws and takedowns, they must be taught how to fall properly to avoid getting hurt. Unfortunately, until they get this right, it might seem boring, so please explain this to your kids. Students don't train for very long if they hurt the first time they get knocked down.

What's the difference between Judo and Karate or Tae kwon do? To explain it simply, first of all, Karate and Tae kwon do are essentially the same except for the country of origin. Karate is Japanese and TKD is Korean. Both Karate and TKD are essentially punches, kicks, and blocks. Judo is essentially Japanese wrestling, so if you're expecting to see Karate "stuff" at Judo, you won't.

If anyone is interested, there is a Judo tournament taking place on Novmber 5th in Smithtown. While the new students won't have trained long enough to compete in the tournament, they are more than wesome to spectate.
Here's the info:
Registration is at 9am, competition starts at 10am. Smithtown Judo is located at:
1219 Route 25A, Smithtown, NY.
Please e-mail John the age, weight, rank, and sex of each contestant or ifo you have any questions at

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